About Chestnuts and Walnuts

Chestnuts are a unusual and versatile nut. High in folate and vitamin C. Chestnuts grow in very prickly burrs as they mature the burr opens, unlike other nuts the crop falls naturally to the ground when ready. 

Chestnuts grow in high altitude areas, hence Sassafras being the perfect location to grow these tasty morsels. Our nuts are handpicked, or machine harvested within a few days of falling, the burr is removed, to release glossy brown chestnuts that are graded by variety and size. 

Walnuts are a wonderful nut that can be used when they are just forming for liquors, jams and desserts, as well as when they are completely mature.

They are a wonderful plant source of omega 3s and are rich in antioxidants. They grow in green husks that can be used as a dye. When the nut is mature the husk cracks open and falls to the ground. 

We have a variety of chestnuts and walnuts on our farm. 




Each Chestnut variety has a slightly different flavour. The different varieties fall at different times in the season early, mid or late season, They are generally eaten roasted, boiled or steamed. It is important to store chestnuts in a sealed container in the fridge until use. 

Bouche de Betizac - large nut, sweet, easy peel 

Morena, easy to peel 

Red Spanish - Japanese style - boil/steam 

Di Coppi - mid to late season nut, the best roasting nut with rich flavour, easy peel, roasted  

Purtons Pride - late season chestnut, easy to peel. Great roasted, boiled or steamed. Versatile all-purpose nut. 

Sass Red- late season sweet nut. 


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We have two varieties of walnuts. Walnuts should be left in a dry place for at least two weeks before eating. 

Lara early ripening French Walnut, producing large nuts. 

Fernette – Sweet medium size walnut 

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