Participants of the Wellness Farm day program engage in a variety of activities, including working the orchard, tending to and maintaining gardens, animal husbandry, and machinery and general maintenance. In addition to this, they also participate in developing life skills activities, such as cooking, cleaning, basic finance, and personal hygiene.

Participation in creative activities, such as art, craft, performing arts, and music also contribute to gaining valuable skills and experiencing the benefits of their accomplishments. Lastly, participants can develop their personal development skills, namely conflict resolution, anger management, meditation, and mindfulness.

Due to mental health challenges, many people come to the farm feeling isolated and disconnected from their communities. Sharing meals together is an important aspect of our program, making a space for participants to engage in conversation and experience the feeling of belonging.  

Together with navigators and psychologists, participants create their own individualised plan specific to their own interest, needs and goals. Navigators work alongside participants both at the farm and within their community to support them in reaching their goals. We acknowledge that each participant embarks on their own journey. Our nurturing community cultivates an atmosphere where all individuals feel respected, valued, and can flourish.


Therapeutic farming involves the use of agricultural practices to facilitate healing. This is achieved through a structured and supervised rehabilitation program. Evidence is emerging that being on the land, connected to nature, tending to plants and animals, and being physically active can dramatically reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Being part of a working farm requires teamwork, making decisions and taking responsibility for a variety of jobs. Participants can take pride in their work and gain a sense of achievement and purpose, whilst discovering their strengths. The farm skills that they acquire build confidence and self-worth and equip them with real-life skills needed to live a fulfilling life.

Therapeutic farming provides safe havens for vulnerable people to practice communal involvement without judgement, experiencing acceptance and respect. A strong support network with others who share their experiences, combined with the gentle overseeing of a trained mentor, is an integral part of the healing journey. This non-clinical approach to recovery empowers the individual to reach their full potential, whilst benefiting the wider community.

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