The Farm & Salt Care

The Wellness Farm at Sassafras Nuts operates through Salt Care, a faith-based charity located in the Shoalhaven of NSW. Peter and Megan Dover founded Salt Care out of a passion to see people restored to wholeness.

Over the last several years, they have walked the hard yards of pioneering a charity that practically supports the needs of those who are homeless, financially and socially disadvantaged, the indigenous, the elderly, young people at risk, and those needing disability support. Their hearts are to see a community that empowers, equips, and facilitates healing. Providing the opportunity for people to be a part of the therapy that the Salt Wellness Farm offers is an absolute joy to their hearts.  

Chestnuts and Walnuts

We have a variety of Chestnut trees and Walnut trees at Sassafras Nuts.

Our team harvest the Chestnuts within two days of them falling. The prickly burrs are vacuumed, swept or picked up, the outside casing is removed to release 2-3 glossy brown Chestnuts that are then graded by variety, washed and ready for sale.



Our Mission – Turning Lives Around

To walk alongside those with mental health challenges, helping them progress towards recovery and rebuilding their lives by offering a holistic approach to recovery: mind, body, and spirit.  

Our Vision

We exist to improve the lives of individuals through farm-based therapy. In an atmosphere of respect and acceptance, we allow space for personal growth, and empower individuals to discover a life of purpose and hope.

Our Values
  • Connection
  • Compassion
  • Dignity
  • Hope
  • Restoration

Supporting trauma recovery

Since 2010, we have had the privilege of building trust with those who struggle with a range of issues that heavily impact on their lives, families, and futures. We have established a wraparound support system for those who are doing it tough, including people suffering from homelessness, financial hardship, addictions, mental illness, disabilities, and loneliness.  

People are very often trapped in a cycle that is connected to having experienced trauma in their life. These traumas lead to mental instability and in addition to this many people will find ways to self-medicate using drugs, alcohol, or other addictions, which ultimately compounds mental illness and leads to a downward spiral.

One of the most heartbreaking things we experience is working alongside those who pursue recovery only to find themselves bouncing back into their old environments navigating the same social spheres, unable to successfully heal from their traumas, and without any real opportunity to make lasting change. This whole life recovery requires a radical approach. Behaviour modification is not enough.

Salt Care has worked hand in hand with the local government, businesses, the community, and individuals in the region to respond to the ever-increasing mental health crisis. We believe that people need the opportunity to retreat temporarily to heal their trauma, overcome their addictions, develop new skills, and gain education and training for their future. The concept for the Wellness Farm was birthed out of this awareness.

The Wellness Farm is an innovative trauma recovery program, incorporating best practice around trauma therapy, alongside the very practical development of skills and education on a real working farm.

Support Us

As a charity organisation, we rely heavily on financial support.

By making a donation, you are helping us to maintain the 80 acres of property, the running of the farm, and sustaining the Wellness Farm recovery program.

Our long-term goals include:

  • Planting orchards
  • Acquiring horses for equine therapy
  • Expanding our services to include a residential rehabilitation centre. 

Your support is invaluable for sustaining these projects and investing into the lives of others.



Salt Care Founders

Peter, CEO of the Wellness Farm, is a leader who truly sees value in others. He leads by example, sitting with and supporting those affected by mental health issues, embodying compassion and unity. As a Director, Megan plays a pivotal role in the decision-making processes at the Wellness Farm, as well as events management. Furthermore, she delights in supervising the flower farm, overseeing the on-site team of florists, and forging connections with local businesses in relation to sales and collaborating ventures.


Salt Care CFO and Director

Judy has a strong background in administration, having worked many years for a local law firm and now manages the accounts department for Salt Care. Having grown up on a farm as a child, being involved in the farm has re-ignited her love of farm and outdoor space. Judy has a deep desire to see people heal and become free of the challenges they face where they will learn valuable like skills to help them to be able to live independently, get involved in community and discover areas they can grow and learn in and bring about opportunities for employment.


On-Site Farm Manager

Bek is a dedicated early childhood educator with a passion for fostering growth and learning. Beyond her professional expertise, Bek possesses a compassionate heart, particularly for those grappling with mental health and dependency issues. Her journey led her to embark on a transformative two-year volunteer experience at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Farm. During this immersive period, she not only honed her commitment to supporting individuals facing mental health challenges but also solidified her vision of contributing to rehabilitation programs in a farm setting. Bek stands as a pillar of support, walking hand in hand with those on their healing journey, making a difference one step at a time.

With 18 years’ experience as a Landscaper and green thumb, Brenden brings a wealth of knowledge to the daily operations of the farm. His desire for nurturing extends beyond plants to people. He spent four years working closely with children on a farm, cultivating their connection with nature. He later took on a role in out-of-home care, where he supported and mentored teenagers, helping them reach their full potential. Additionally, he spent two years working at a drug and alcohol rehab facility, supporting those in recovery. Brenden’s heart lies in making a difference and touching lives.


Support Worker

Sally is a compassionate soul with a background in aged care, where she has accumulated a wealth of invaluable experience. Beyond her years of caregiving, she has been a respite carer for young people, providing a haven of support for both the individuals and their primary caregivers. Sally is also a trained Counsellor, ready to offer pastoral support to those in need at the farm. Her nurturing spirit is further enriched by her passion for equine assisted therapy, a practice she eagerly anticipates integrating into the program. Sally's heart is dedicated to those struggling with life's challenges, offering a light in their darkest moments.

Alex is a man deeply rooted in the rhythms of rural life, having been raised on a dairy farm that instilled within him a profound connection with the land. Over the course of 15 years, he honed his proficiency in the dairy industry, eventually acquiring his own cattle farm. During his time in Dubbo, Alex offered his support and guidance at a drug and alcohol residential farm, becoming a beacon of hope and mentorship for those in pursuit of recovery. Today, Alex continues to lend his expertise to various farm activities, from orchard management to providing transport to participants of the Wellness Farm. His vision for the farm is to create a haven where people can embark on their journey of healing and restoration. His heart resonates with the desire to offer unconditional love, acceptance, and support, transforming the farm into a sanctuary of hope and renewal.


Consultant Psychologist

Nettie is a Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience working in community, public health, nonprofit, tertiary education, and private settings in both New Zealand and her native Australia. Alongside providing therapy and psychological intervention with a broad range of individuals, Nettie is passionate about community and the potential for relationships and healing environments to promote recovery and growth for individuals and families. This passion informs her work in therapy, teaching, and supervision as well as ongoing research in the area of trauma, attachment, spirituality, and holistic approaches to mental health and human flourishing.